Monday, November 1, 2010

Le Cafe

The cafe is a French icon and reassuring in its timeless place in history. The world's greatest artists, writers, philosophers and creative minds flock to the cafe to ponder life's subtle mysteries. As vegans, we are philosophers of food, of animal rights and environmental sustainability. While many French cafe drinks are still centered around cow's milk, there is a lesson we can take from their enduring establishment. There is no styrofoam here. No grande soy latte in a paper cup that will be thrown in the waste only minutes after it was purchased. There is espresso in a real cup and saucer. There is no laptop computer with clumsy extension cord trailing across the floor. There are petite bistro chairs and tables and carafes of Beaujolais (especially at this time of year.) The cafe provides us with a public space to ponder our private thoughts...perfect for the thoughtful vegan.

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